10 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Blogging

Hey what’s up everyone?

Mike here from My Freedom Passport and I want to thank you guys for coming back again. In this post, I will outline 10 reasons you should use WordPress for your blog. 

*When I mention WordPress in this article I’m referring to the “.org/self- hosted” version you can install on your web hosting service, not the “.com” version. There’s a difference.
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Why you should start a Blog Today!

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to the first post of My Freedom Passport and i’m glad you decided to stop by and join us!

In this post, I am going to outline 5 reasons why you should consider starting a blog. Whether it be for your own personal use (diary/journal), to help other people, to provide news related content, cooking recipes, or whatever, blogging is for anyone and everyone! read more