How to Defeat Imposter Syndrome as a Blogger

how to defeat imposter syndrome as a blogger

Do you compare yourself to other bloggers?

Do you feel as if you shouldn’t become a blogger because everything that you want to write about has already been said before?

Is your blog not getting the amount of traffic you desire and you feel like quitting because you fell that you are not “good enough”?

Well my friend, you are dealing with something called imposter syndrome, and it’s stalling your blogging progress.

But here’s the interesting part, all of us have dealt with imposter syndrome at some point, even myself.

When you see other bloggers sharing their income reports of $100,000 months or bloggers sharing their traffic stats from Google Analytics of 120,000 pageviews in the past 30 days, it has a way of making you feel inadequate.

Or worse, shitty about yourself.

Imposter syndrome sucks…I get that.

But the good news is that there are ways you can beat it and get back on track on your blogging journey.

So in this article, I will show you 5 different ways on how to defeat imposter syndrome.

If you are feeling like an imposter or fraud, follow these tips so you can get back your sanity.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Surround Yourself With Other Bloggers

It’s time to stop isolating yourself, you little introvert you 🙂

It’s high time to start networking and interacting with other bloggers and share what on your mind with each other.

By networking with other bloggers, you will find out that they are just like you, have the same thought and feelings about blogging as you do, and have had the same experiences as you do.

When you atart getting to know other bloggers, you sill stop feeling lik an imposter and realize that you are on the right track.

The best way to meet other bloggers is to attend meetups & conferences. These events take place all around the world.

If you are unable to attend an in person event, you can join various facebook groups and forums that are centered around the blogging niche.

To make a long story short, surrounding yourself with fellow bloggers will help you to not only shed the imposter syndrome label you’ve placed on yourself, but you can learn from others to help grow your blog.

Celebrate Your Wins

If you had a major spike in your traffic, made your first affiliate sale, or if you are getting new subscribers to your email list, start celebrating your wins with other bloggers or with yourself.

You will be surprised at how other bloggers will cheer you on because they were once in your shoes, so they know how it feels to get a “win”.

Or on the other hand, new bloggers want to be in your position one day and they look up to you for inspiration.

At any rate, don’t feel bashful to celebrate your wins. It will help alleviate your imposter syndrome and push you to feel like a “real” blogger.

No One Expects You to be the “Perfect” Blogger

Being the perfect blogger is damn near impossible.

I’m not the greatest or perfect blogger and neither are you or any other blogger.

So stop putting so much pressure on yourself to write the perfect blog post.

It’s ok if you dont write an epic 4,000 word post.

It’s ok if you have a few grammatical errors in your posts.

All that matters is that you’re putting out your buest content, making a solid effort and providing value to your readers.

Take a deep breath, and realize that it’s ok not to be “perfect”.

Realize that Becoming a Successful Blogger Will Take Time

No one becomes a successful blogger overnight.

It takes time, plenty of posts, and an engaged audience.

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes hard work, determination, and a purpose that will drive you to withstand the slow periods of growth on your blog.

Just get into your brain that becoming a successful blogger will take time and you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself because you are not getting the results you want.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Last but not least, you definitley want to stop comparing yourslef with other bloggers.

Blogging is not a competition. It’s a journey.

Comparing yourself with other bloggers, especially the ones that are more successful than you is only going to take the joy out of blogging, and increase the imposter feeling you have.

So just do yourself a favor and stop comparing yourself with other bloggers.

As a matter of fact, if a blogger you admire is having success, look up to them as an inspiration instead of comparing. If they can do it, so can you.

In conclusion, these tips are extremely helpful in defeating imposter syndrome.

But it’s up to you to take action on these tips to defeat the imposter feeling that you have inside of you.

So in the comment section below, let us know how you deal with imposter syndrome. We would love to hear from you!

That’s all for now, and see you next time!

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