Welcome to My Freedom Passport! My name is Mike, and I am the creator & founder of this blog. My goal is to help you navigate through the muddy and confusing waters of the blogging world so you can launch a successful blog in whatever niche you choose.

I have spent a lot of years in the online world, creating my first real estate blog in 2012, then spent years jumping from online business model to business model.(Which was a huge mistake!)

Sure I’ve made money, but I’ve also lost a ton of cash too! I’ve learned alot through trial and error and I want to help you avoid the same mistakes & pitfalls I’ve made. My ultimate goal is to help you achieve financial freedom through blogging. I hope you stick around!

A little about me: I love the online marketing world, especially blogging. There are so many possibilities it is endless. I like working out at the gym, traveling, playing video games, and just overall enjoying life!