10 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Blogging

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Mike here from My Freedom Passport and I want to thank you guys for coming back again. In this post, I will outline 10 reasons you should use WordPress for your blog. 

*When I mention WordPress in this article I’m referring to the “.org/self- hosted” version you can install on your web hosting service, not the “.com” version. There’s a difference.

WordPress is a Content Management System that most bloggers use to set up their blogs.

Here’s a cool fact: As of 2020 roughly 35% of all the websites in the world use WordPress. How cool is that!

I’ve been using WordPress for years for my blogs & sites and honestly and truthfully, no other platform can come close to offering what WordPress can offer.

There are many platforms offering this and that but none of them come close to the flexibility and power of WordPress.

If you want to take blogging seriously, then check out this article on 10 reasons why you should consider using WordPress for your blog.

You have Full Control

Are you a control freak?(in a good way of course)

If you use WordPress you will have full control of your blog, theme design, functionality, and access. If you need to change something such as theme design or add extra functionality, you can accomplish that task easily. You don’t have to ask for permission to do anything since you completely own it and no one can take it away from you.

It’s Customizable

Found a new theme and want to switch it? You can do that.

Do you want to edit and update an older blog post? You can do that.

Do you want to add a fancy navigation menu with your preferred colors and fonts? Yes, you can do that too.

WordPress is easily customizable and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to learn how to do things. There’s plenty of documentation and tutorials floating around the internet, so if you ever need to learn how to do something a quick Google search will show you what to do.

You can Add Additional Users

With WordPress, you can easily add additional users to your blog so they can add their own posts, do administrative or maintenance work on your blog.

There are 5 assignable user roles. They are Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber. The Administrator has full control and privileges on the site, with Subscriber having the bare minimum amount.

So if you ever need to add another user on your site you can them only the level of access they need.

Easy Blog Posting

Creating a blog post is easy as pie. WordPress gives you a text editor called Guttenberg which you can do all sorts of cool things with such as add images, create links, change heading size and more.

With other platforms, making a blog post can be such a hassle that can easily turn one off from pursuing blogging.

The team at WordPress made everything as simple as pie, so you can make your posts seamlessly and effortlessly.

Huge Open Source Community

WordPress is an open-source platform so that means you have access to thousands of fellow WordPress users you can lean on if you ever need help or stuck.

There are forums, user groups, and in-person meetup groups dedicated to WordPress. Honestly, I’ve never seen an open-source community so dedicated to WordPress, which brings a smile to my face. 

This shows that WordPress isn’t going anywhere and will be here for the long run.

It’s Amazing for SEO

WordPress was built for SEO. You can do so much to optimize your blog posts such as internally link pages and posts, add alt text to your images, link out your images, add headings, etc.

The best part about SEO for WordPress is that you can extend your SEO capabilities even further by installing an SEO plugin such as Yoast, All in One SEO, and a plethora of other worthwhile plugins.

If you are concerned with how your site ranks in the search engines then without question, you need to be using WordPress.

Schedule Blog Posts

With WordPress, you have the ability to schedule your posts days, week or months out if you so choose.

For example, let’s say you will be traveling out of the country for the next 2 weeks. You will have very limited access and you want to be able to enjoy your vacation without worrying about which blog post you should write next.

So a week before your trip, you take a few days to write 4 blog posts. You can schedule these 4 articles to auto-post to your blog during your trip so you don’t have to do it manually.

The scheduling feature can be an important feature in your blogging journey, which makes WordPress a game-changer.

Plugins can be used to Extend your Blog’s Functionality

Plugins are probably my favorite feature of WordPress.

Do you need to add an antispam to filter out spam comments? There’s a plugin for that.

Need to add a contact form to your website? There’s plenty of plugins for that.

Need to enhance the SEO on your blog? There is definitely a plugin for that.

Thousands of developers from all over the world create plugins so people can add, edit, adjust things without us having to mess with the backend code.

Pretty much everyone (including myself) would rather spend our time creating great content instead of wasting time coding, so we would rather quickly install a plugin to complete it for us.

Using plugins to make your blog complete is a strong reason you should use WordPress.

Plenty of Themes to Choose From

WordPress has thousands of free and paid themes to choose from.

When you first start your blog you probably want to start out with a free theme to save money. Surprisingly, many of the free themes look very good and have just enough functionality to get you by.

Now if you want to spice up your blog and make it look super fancy, you can buy one of the many reputable paid themes like Divi, Thrive Themes, X Theme, or go to an online store called Theme Forest to choose from thousands of beautiful paid themes.

You can set up these themes very easily. If you want to make your free or paid theme even fancier, but you don’t have any design skills, you can hire someone to spruce it up for you.


Last but not least, WordPress is FREE!

There’s no monthly, yearly, or even a one-time payment. 

WordPress is Open Source. So there are developers from all over the world volunteering their time to maintain it for free.

There are other blogging platforms that may ask you for a monthly fee and to me,, it’s just not worth it when you can use a powerful, no-cost solution such as WordPress.

In Closing, WordPress is the best solution out there to launch a blog and in many cases a full-fledged website. If you are ready to start a blog, hop over to my post, How to Start a Blog Easily in 2020, so you can be taken through the exact steps on how to set up your first blog using WordPress.

In the comment section below, tell me why you like using WordPress. Im curious to see everyone’s reasoning!

Thanks for stopping by, and see you in the comment section below!

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